Heads Up for the Holiday Season!

Heads Up for the Holiday Season!

The snow is falling, the temperature is dropping, and we’re all bundling up for the winter!  This holiday season, keep a few extra things in mind for your furry friends!

As it gets closer to Thanksgiving and you’re planning your dinner menu, make sure that your pets do not help with the food prep.  Keep your trash bins out of the way and covered so to make sure no one goes dumpster diving for the discarded parts.  Discarded turkey bones can potentially damage the esophagus and stomach as they are ingested, and can cause an obstruction or blockage if they get stuck trying to pass through.  Onions and garlic can cause severe blood abnormalities, including a drop of red blood cells.  Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in some cases.  Also, if a pet (especially a dog) ingests a large amount of fatty food, this predisposes them to pancreatitis (an inflamed, angry pancreas) which can make your pet very ill!  Be safe and don’t let your pet have anything that you do not know is safe for them.  If you notice your dog acting abnormal, being lethargic, or having any signs up an upset stomach, see veterinary attention.

Pets also confuse decorations (ornaments, tinsel, you name it!) as a brand new toy!  Dogs love to chew up ornaments, and cats love to swallow tinsel, and this can cause a big issue.  Keep all of these fun objects away from your kiddos just to be safe.

Many pets love to be the center of attention when family and friends are visiting.  However, many others get very nervous and overwhelmed.  If your pet is in the second category, make sure you give them a safe place where they can escape from the noise and the unwanted attention.  If they love the attention, great!  Just pass along to your family that they probably shouldn’t be getting too many table scraps (see above!).

Mesa Veterinary Hospital wishes you a safe and healthy holiday season!  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Julia Katzenbach, DVM