About Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Mesa Veterinary Hospital (MVH) is a large, six doctor, full service, small animal and exotic, AAHA accredited veterinary hospital in west Denver, Colorado metro area. We are committed to providing complete, compassionate health care for the lifetime of your pet. Our hospital celebrates and nurtures the special role your pet has in your life, and delivers the most up to date, comprehensive, and caring veterinary services to all your animals.

What Makes Mesa Different?

We are AAHA-accredited

We have received the highest level of AAHA accreditation and have been accredited since 1986. This means our hospital was evaluated on over 900 standards established to ensure that our patients and clients receive the highest level of care. Only 12% of veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada have made the commitment to comply with these standards.

All of our technicians are Certified Veterinary Technicians

They have all graduated from an accredited 2 year program in Veterinary Technology and are highly trained to provide your animal with expert care.

Our doctors work as a team

We have a team of six experienced veterinarians with varied interests that cover all areas of veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians are constantly discussing our patients with each other throughout the day; this means you get 5 other “second opinions” on any case.

We have 24 hour care, and are open 7 days a week

Pets get sick on weekends and at night too, we’re here to help! If your pet requires prolonged hospitalization, we have an excellent overnight staff to care for your pet, and in most cases no transfer to an overnight facility is needed.

We employ veterinary specialists

We offer cardiology consults and echocardiograms through our board certified cardiologist, abdominal ultrasounds and regular radiograph reviews are performed by our board certified radiologist, and orthopedic procedures are performed by our board-eligible surgeon.

Exotic animal care

Mesa Veterinary Hospital cares for ALL your pets, even the ones with feathers or scales! Dr. Katzenbach, Dr. Batch, and Dr. Horst have a wealth of experience and knowledge in treating birds, small mammals, rodents, and reptiles.


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